I am a life-long resident of Cambridge, Ontario and spend my summer holidays in Northern Ontario surrounded by the landscape that continually inspires my work. I completed my Fine Art Degree at the University of Guelph, specializing in printmaking  and continue to hone my skills through a variety courses and workshops. I am continually involved in new artistic pursuits and have exhibited prints, pastels, pen and ink sketches and acrylic paintings in a variety of group exhibitions. I have been printmaking for over 25 years.

Whether printmaking or painting, my images are not solely about the landscape that is my subject matter; they are equally about the play of light at a particular time of day in a particular season. My life-long love of textiles and patterns is also prominent in my work. The versatility of both printmaking and painting allows me to approach my work in a variety of ways to create depth and atmosphere. When painting, I make quick decisions and enjoy the freedom to follow my instincts in vibrant colour. When creating a print, I enjoy creating texture, depth and atmosphere through the careful planning and experimentation involved in the printing process. I truly enjoy the best of both worlds in these wonderful mediums! I hope you enjoy my work!